Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Other Projects

  • INCA Project: This project aims to restructure and modernize the international relations offices of project partner universities.  The project focuses on contributing to the improvement and internationalization of higher education in Central America. 
  • SAFIRO II: The project calls for a series of activities developed within the SAFIRO NETWORK to a higher level, addressing new topics that require the attention of the directors and managers in charge of the international dimension within universities. 
  • Mirror Project: The main idea behind Project Mirror is to promote an evaluation process among engineering programmes based on criteria recognized as essential in order to develop a references model for comparison and recognition of engineering programmes.
  • @LIS2: Is a European Commission Programme aiming to continue the promotion of the Information society and fight the digital divide throughout Latin. Its objectives are to continue to promote, and at the same time improve and extend the dialogue and applications on Information Society in Latin America, boost interconnections between research networks and communities in both regions reducing the digital divide and integrating Latin America into a Global Information Society.
  • ERASMUS Mundus: This is a worldwide cooperation and mobility programme that aims to enhance quality in higher education and promote intercultural understanding.  The programme provides financial support for institutions and scholarships for individuals. Read more...
  • BID Project: “Virtual Center for the Development of Quality Standards for Higher Distance Education in Latin America and the Caribbean”: The goals of the Project were to develop bases for a system of accreditation and quality standards for higher distance programs in Latin America and the Caribbean (Virtual Center), and to carry out a preliminary validation of these bases through consultations and a pilot test. Among the specific objectives was to promote the ability of institutions of higher education to improve, launch and successfully administer distance education programs based on information technology, and to contribute to the capacity of governments to regulate, evaluate and accredit their distance education programs. 
  • EULATIN II: The main objective of the project is to create a network that allows for the mobility of scientists (through the training programme on investigation) and post-graduate students (with the short training programme) who are being trained on the right to European and Latin American integration.  
  • TEMPUS: The European Union’s Programme which supports the modernisation of higher education in the Partner Countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean region, mainly through university cooperation projects.
  • ALFA III OBSERVATORY PROJECT: ALFA Observatory is responsible for identifying/promoting synergies among all 14 projects selected in the scope of the first Call for Applications, collect, centralise and disseminate information, data, statistics and results relative to all ALFA III projects, as well as identify and disseminate good practices during the implementation of all ALFA projects of the present and previous phases of Programme ALFA. 
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Objective of the Project

The objective of the project is to help develop and strenghten the offices for International Cooperation thru the transfer and adaptation to Latin-American Universities of some of the models adopted with success in European Universities.