Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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General Information



  • METHODOLOGY: Online. A distance learning course through the e-learning CLAROLINE  platform, with user guidelines in Spanish and Portuguese.  The course counts on the assistance of tutors from Latin American project partner universities which will be trained by USGM, Italy.  
  • DURATION: 120-hour course, plus 40 additional hours for assistance to participants in developing the cooperation model appropriate to their specific institution.
  • BENEFICIARIES: 50 Directors of External Relations Departments and/or Coordinators of international projects from Latin American Universities.  The candidates will be selected based on their CV and other information related to their respective international department.
  • COMMUNITY OF PRACTICES (COPs): Those interested in the project will be invited to participate in the COPs, accessible from the Project website, and which aims to promote interaction, recognition and collective learning by all its members in order to improve their capacities and competences in order to strengthen the management and governance of Latin American universities and to identify and implement cooperation activities.

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Objective of the Project

The objective of the project is to help develop and strenghten the offices for International Cooperation thru the transfer and adaptation to Latin-American Universities of some of the models adopted with success in European Universities.