Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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The El Gate Community of Practice is intended to promote the interaction, the recognition and collective learning by all its members to improve their capacities and competences in order to strengthen the management and governance of Latin American universities and to identify and implement cooperation activities.

The following activities are planned under the El Gate Community of Practice (CoPs):

- Problem-solving and collaborative work; 
- Information requests; 
- Exchange of experiences; 
- Re-utilization of assets and/or transfer of technology;
- Coordination and synergy for the launch of new projects; 
- Discussion on the evolution on certain techniques and knowledge;

- Sharing documentation on projects;  and
- Coordinating meetings and activities in general. 

The El Gate Community of Practices is aligned towards the following strategies:
- Instilling a sense of ownership towards the CoPs among its members.   This will be achieved through the use of technological tools and the nature of social networks.  
- Promoting the control of the CoPs among its members. The Community of Practice is sustained by the quantity and quality of the contributions made and interaction among its members.