Friday, August 17, 2018
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Candidates - General Information

Approximately 50 Directors of External Relations Departments and/or Coordinators of international projects from Latin American Universities.
The candidates will be selected based on their CV and other information related to their respective international department or projects.


The “expression of interest” phase is now closed.

In order to participate into the second phase of the selection process the  application (sent through the Preselection Module) must now be completed by uploading the following documents on this website:

  1. Personal motivational letter, stating how the course will benefit the candidate, his or her University and his or her country. This document must have  the institutional letterhead and should be signed by the candidate.
  2. Recommendation letter of the President or VicePresident of the University the candidate works at, not only attesting that he or she is an employee and giving his or her support for the participation in the Course, but also stating how important internationalization is to the University. This document must include the institutional letterhead, signed and stamped.
  3. Copy of the highest University Degree and personal CV, highlighting the experience in the area of International Relations in the Academic Environment.

Candidates  must upload and submit electronic/scanned copies of the above documents, by clicking on OR by selecting in this website the option “Sending Documents” under the menu voice “Candidates”. Please, make sure to upload all documents.

In the case of any issues regarding your application submission, contact us thru email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone at: + 55 (51) 3590-8237, between 14h and 17h - Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil time.


The selection will be carried out during the second half of June by a Selection Committee that includes representatives from the Latin American partners of the EL-Gate Project:

  • USAL (Argentina) – Haydeé Nieto
  • UNED (Costa Rica) – Lizette Brenes
  • UVIRTUAL (Bolivia) – Raúl Jesús Claros Urey
  • UNISINOS (Brazil) – Gisele Spricigo and Aline de Abreu

This committee will first of all verify that all the requirements to participate in the course are met by the candidates and that all documents required have been submitted.

Then the committee will evaluate each of them by attributing a score between 0 and 100 points, on the following basis:

  1. On the basis of the Personal motivational letter up to 55 points will be awarded, taking into account the motivation of the candidate, his/her knowledge of English and of the course subjects, and an analysis of the foreseen impact of the course for the increasing of international cooperation between LA countries and others as foreseen by the candidate;
  2. On the basis of the Recommendation letter of the President of the University up to 35 points will be awarded, taking into consideration both the level of empowerment that the candidate has within his/her University as well as the importance that Internazionalization is given within the University and the Characteristics of the International Area of the University the candidate works at;
  3. On the basis of the University Degree and Personal CV up to 10 points will be awarded.

A final decision on the selected candidates will be taken to ensure the widest possible participation and representation of LA countries, with particular attention to those that the European Commission considers as the less developed countries.

Selected students will be required to provide actual copies of the documents (a thru c) submitted thru the website plus any proof required by the Selection Committee on the basis of what the candidate has declared in the application.

Successful candidates will be required later to confirm their participation in the course.

All the information relating to the selection process will be provided thru this website. Candidates are advised to consult the website often during the selection process.





Español (spanish formal Internacional)Português (pt-PT)English (United Kingdom)

Objective of the Project

The objective of the project is to help develop and strenghten the offices for International Cooperation thru the transfer and adaptation to Latin-American Universities of some of the models adopted with success in European Universities.